Bleaching and Whitening

Over the years, most people's teeth will absorb stains from food, drink, tobacco, etc. As a result, their teeth will turn a few shades darker. If you're one of these people, we can create a custom program to enhance the brightness of your smile. Bleaching can be accomplished using one of two procedures:

Whitening Laser

One-Hour Whitening
Advanced technology allows us to accelerate the bleaching process and complete the treatment in one hour. A bleaching solution is placed on your teeth and a powerful light creates laser fast bleaching. This is the state-of-the-art in tooth whitening!!

Two-Week Whitening
Traditional "tray" bleaching is also available at a lesser cost. Simply apply the solution into the tray, then wear the tray thirty minutes every day. After just a few weeks, most patients' teeth will lighten a couple of shades, which in most situations is a dramatically noticeable improvement.

This process does not work as well for patients with deep internal stains, such as from certain antibiotics taken in childhood. In these situations, usually a porcelain veneer or crown is needed to mask the stain.