Esthetic Tooth Colored Restorations

We're able to restore your teeth INVISIBLY with this material. Plus, you will no longer experience the black staining of teeth, which was so common from silver-mercury fillings.

Silver fillings are mechanically held in cavities unlike composite resin which are actually bonded to the tooth structure. In other words, the composite material flows into microscopic tubules of tooth structure, creating a better seal than silver fillings and reducing the risk for recurring decay under the fillings.

The latest bonded, tooth-colored materials are just as durable as silver-mercury fillings, and can be bonded very strongly to your natural tooth structure. This enables us to place a restoration which will function for many years and help you avoid tooth fracture, a very common side effect with silver-mercury fillings.

A bonded tooth-colored restoration not only strengthens your tooth but also beautifies your smile!