We are a paperless office! Everything from x-rays, photos, scheduling, account records, charting, medical history, personal file notes, etc. are digitally stored. With computers in every treatment room and the front desk area, your record is accessible to the doctors at all times. Being digital means your records are safely and confidentially stored without risk of being destroyed in case of a fire or ever being lost by being misplaced!!!

No confusing paperwork or forms to fill out, your information is taken in a personal confidential interview and entered into our digital system with you there, verifying it as it is entered. Your chart information is not mixed with other charts, and information can be retrieved instantaneously anywhere in the office or remotely if the doctor ever has to check your record at home.

When you check out, credit card payments are through the computer, insurance claims are sent electronically, and all aspects of your expenses are streamlined for accuracy and efficiency.

Once again, at Sandhills Dentistry, we are different.